Rearwin Sportster - 1936

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G-AEOF was built in Kansas City in 1936. This high wing cabin monoplane with tandem seating is powered by a Le Blond 85hp Radial engine.

Rearwin aeroplanes had always been popular and the "Sportster" was especially so; they were often seen from one end of the USA to the other. Most were around for a long time and attracted pilots who found the Sportster was able to take off much quicker, climb out at a better rate, cruise just a little faster and handle a lot better in mountainous regions than previous aircraft they had flown.

G-AEOF has only recently returned to flying status after a complete rebuild by Shipping and Airlines. There are less than a dozen Sportsters flying in the world today.
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A Short Guide to G-AEOF

This is a short film made by one of our pilots here at Shipping and Airlines showing the A check procedure and a flight in our Rearwin Sportster from Biggin Hill.